SWEP´s head office is situated in Landskrona in Sweden, where we have located all central functions such as Finance & Administration, Research & Development and Human Resources. You will find national SWEP entities, i.e. offices with local SWEP sales representatives, engineers and administration personnel, in more than 20 countries.

SWEP's Management team consists of members from executive positions:

Ulrika Nordqvist
Landskrona, Sweden

CFO & Vice President F & A
Scott Howard
Landskrona, Sweden

General Manager EMEA
Europe, Middle East, Africa
Katarina Andersson
Landskrona, Sweden

General Manager Americas
Jared Lovelle
Tulsa, United States

General Manager APAC
Asia, Pacific
Ong Chin Shuan
Suzhou, China

Sales Director
Sören Friis-Hansen
Landskrona, Sweden

HR Director
Ann Elg Kjellberg
Landskrona, Sweden

Research & Development Director
Fabienne Bourquenoud Moret
Landskrona, Sweden